Why Us?

Electing leaders, from Congressman and Senators, to Governors, Presidents and Prime Ministers is no small task.  Very few individuals, let alone strategic political companies, have the experience and expertise of electing so many leaders worldwide.

GEB International Inc. is exactly such a firm.

And electing leaders is a matter taken very seriously by GEB International as each election has long-term effects on the citizens, the states, the countries, the regions and the world.  With decades of experience, the firm’s partners have been directly responsible for putting together the strategies that have elected candidates to positions of leadership worldwide.

GEB International Inc. (GEB) provides clients with first-class strategic political advice.  By offering the full range of tools such as survey research, qualitative research, strategic communications, message development and more, GEB is be able to help candidates develop an effective and winning campaign strategy.

Founded on the principle of providing the best quality turnkey solution for survey research, polling and strategic communication services, GEB has distinguished itself as the leader in the area of campaign and political consulting

All our experience has been applied to dozens of political campaigns in the U.S. and around the world including Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Albania, the Czech Republic, The Ukraine, Israel, Serbia, and Kosovo.

We take every election very seriously.  As such, the partners are dedicated to every effort.  At the same time, GEB has a full-time presence in countries around the world to help both implement the strategy while keeping the partners informed at all times.  This means 24 hour a day service and the ability to fly anywhere at anytime in order to meet with the candidate, his supporters and the election team.