GEB builds complete campaign strategies for its clients by providing advice, themes and messages based on comprehensive survey research and not intuition, guessing or “gut-instinct.” We utilize both quantitative and qualitative tools of measurement.

We are be involved in every aspect of the overall campaign, from organizing the team, to guiding the implementation of the strategy. In order to meet the specific needs of any particular campaign GEB provides the following services:

  • Survey Research – the basis for gaining a snapshot of the political battlefield is through quantitative research such as public opinion polling. This serves as the foundation for our strategic plan and advice. Beginning with the preparation of the questionnaire, continuing with the selection of the survey parameters, overseeing the actual data collection and analysis, we are involved in every stage of the process.
  • Focus Groups – qualitative research can fill in some of the unknowns of quantitative research. We utilize unique methods to select groups relevant to our client’s needs and elicit responses that help us understand their thoughts and emotions. Testing messages and understanding the electorate’s emotions are key components to success.
  • Message Development – using the right language makes all the difference. Finding the words that resonate with the public is the key to any election campaign. We work with the candidate’s staff as well as the other strategic advisors to find the best ways to present the candidate in their own words to the public. All too often in elections money is wasted on advertising campaigns that will never be successful because the messages haven’t been properly tested. Utilizing a message that works can be the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Speech Writing – delivering the correct message with the correct words is an important factor in a politician’s success. Very often, politician’s careers are made or destroyed by a particular speech. Our firm’s partners have written hundreds of speeches for politicians and leaders worldwide including Presidents and foreign Prime Ministers. We understand the nuances that exist based on the timing, emotions and issues of the day. And we understand how to get a leader to convey his thoughts and deeds into words that are motivating and inspiring to the people.
  • Crisis Communications – unexpected current events, market conditions or human error can threaten the future of any campaign, even one that is far ahead in the polls. Rapid response and a comprehensive communications plan will determine whether or not a campaign, party or candidate survives. Time is of the essence and failure to act early with the appropriate information can be fatal.
  • Personal Branding – in today’s world of politics, a candidate’s image is everything. A candidate with a strong brand is more respected by his constituents and the voters. GEB helps successfully brand our client’s names and policies
  • Presentation Coaching – effective communications skills are a necessity. We work with our clients on delivery of messages, presentation skills, speechwriting public speaking and debate preparation.
  • Media Buying – we have built our own worldwide media buying company. Therefore, when it comes to placing advertising on television, radio, etc., if necessary, we can do it from our own offices.
  • Organization – Our decades of campaign experience enables us to help candidates and campaigns properly organize their effort so that the team operates effectively and efficiently. We guide our cients and their staffs on how to best put together a campaign team, how to organize responsibilities and how to implement the strategy.
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